Area rug Cleaning

An area rug or oriental can be the center piece of home.
Keep it looking like the piece of art it is.

We understand that your delicate fabrics are an expensive investment that unlike regular carpet can last up to 150 years with proper care and attention. That’s why Personal Touch carefully treats your rug only by our certified trained specialist. We come to pick up your area rug from your home and bring it back to you.

Benefits of cleaning:

  • we remove dry soil from front and back of the area rug
  • vacuum
  • treat spots
  • some natural fabrics need to be treated with dye lock to prevent color bleed
  • wash
  • dry room to help faster drying

What you can expect from cleaning area rugs:

  • colors are more vibrant
  • rugs smell fresher
  • softer to the touch
  • we restore beauty to your rugs
  • extend life time value of your investment