The basics of carpet cleaning

Most of us feel that carpet cleaning is a rather mundane and an inconsequential task. But what most of us do not realise is that there is a lot to carpet cleaning that we are not aware of. For example, take the question of how often is it required to clean one’s carpet. Most of us would not be very clear on that. It is recommended that you vacuum the carpet a minimum of thrice a week. But if we were to talk about undergoing a fully fledged cleaning procedure, it is not recommended more than once a year. It is crucial to take care of the carpet and clean it because a lot of harm comes to it by things that cannot be seen.

The grit hidden deep down the carpet could rob the carpet of its sheen totally and also end up playing havoc with the stain resistance of the carpet. So the high traffic areas of your house would rather be better off without carpets in that case. Also, the most recommended method of carpet cleaning is that of hot water extraction which yields the most favourable and effective results when it comes to carpet cleaning.

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